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|Review| EAU THERMALE AVÈNE Skincare Regime

Avène has been in my life for about two years now and the love is real. I developed some nasty facial dermatitis about two years ago, especially around my nose, mouth and chin. These little bumps were visible, prone to redness and felt itchy and tingly at times. I had reduced my skincare regime and stopped wearing coverage makeup altogether for months. But this didn’t work. It was getting worse, not better.

So I visited my doctor who put me on a couple months of an antibiotic called doxycycline and suggested I remove irritating products from my daily skincare & makeup routine. Queue – Avène Eu Thermale. I had read 100s of reviews and landed on the Avène website. Their website gripped me, I think I read every page in one evening. There is really useful scientifically evidence based information about intolerances, allergies, redness, sensitive skin, dryness and ageing. Their ethos, clean packaging and expert advice resonated with me and my skin needs. I haven’t looked back since!

I completed the skincare finder online, which was super helpful at recommending a regime for my irritated, red, dermatitis prone skin. Within 4 weeks the dermatitis had completely cleared up, and yes I was taking the antibiotics and did complete my course. But I could tell the Avène regime was helping – it soothed my skin, calmed the redness and improved hydration. I continue to use Avène to this day and have not had a flair up since!

I do like to try different Avène products – I might try a different serum, moisturiser or cleanser etc. But I am going to share with you some staples that I keep going back to.


In the morning I tend to use the Avène Micellar Lotion or the Gentle Toning Lotion. These both work very well to cleanse the skin, removing any residual makeup or dirt and leaving your skin feeling fresh. These are formulated alcohol free, with each having less than 10 ingredients, and recommended by Avène for “even the most sensitive skin types.” I recommend either of these products (or both!). The toner definitely leaves skin feeling gently toned, there is no tightness or dryness, in fact your skin feels enriched and ready for moisturiser.

Left to right: Gentle exfoliating gel, Micellar lotion, Gentle toning lotion

The Avène Gentle Exfoliating Gel has little wax beads (BIODEGRADABLE!) that help to remove dead skin cells and debris to reveal soft smooth skin. I definitely feel that this product does a good job at unclogging pores and evening out my skin tone. It is gentle enough to use daily, but I tend to use it on alternate days. I have dry skin, but this does not leave me feeling dried out at all. My skin feels soft and refreshed.

Avene Gentle Exfoliating Gel with biodegradable Cellulose + Jojoba Wax beads


MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PRODUCT is Avène’s little miracle pot of beauty – well at least that’s what I call it! The Eu Thermale Compensating Nutritive Cream is a 50ml pot of the softest, most nourishing creamy goodness that melts into skin and leaves you feeling like a plump pillow.

Avène uses a patented lipid trio formula that works to restore your natural skin barrier, giving your skin the tools it needs to hold onto hydration and protect against free radicals. This has been a game changer for my dry often dehydrated skin and I can’t imagine my life without this pot! Although, I think it could work for combination skin types too, as it is not overtly thick or clogging. It really does absorb well and does not leave a film or residue.


Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream is the extremely thick shiny cousin cream. I don’t think this is meant to be used as a daily moisturiser, but rather a targeted treatment for irritated patches. It can also be used on scrapes or baby’s nappy rash. The active ingredient is called sucralfate that works to repair the epidermal layer and provide a barrier to external aggressors. Copper sulfate and zinc sulfate add an antibacterial component to the cream.

How I use this? Whenever I am concerned that my skin is feeling a bit irritated – I apply directly to the affected area. Say I try a new foundation but this dries out my skin and leaves red patches around my nose and that tingly feeling of underlying dermatitis on my chin. I apply the Cicalfate cream directly to those areas, once a day at night time, until they clear up – AND THEY ALWAYS DO. I also apply this to my dry elbows and elbow psoriasis, which flairs up every now and again.


Welcome to the newest addition to my Avène Skincare regime – SPF50+ LOTION. This is hands down the best facial sunblock I have ever used, and I have tried a few! It does not have that heavy sunblock smell that lingers, it leaves no white streaks or glare, it absorbs extremely well, is water resistant and has a very high level of sun protection. If that’s not every New Zealander’s dream – I don’t know what it!

I apply this every day after moisturiser. It works amazingly under makeup. Does not flare up my dermatitis or cause redness. I have ZERO complaints about this sunblock and HIGHLY recommend it.

Avène SPF50+ Face & Body Lotion


Avène is definitely in the affordable basket of high quality skincare. It retails for a very similar price to popular brands such as Trilogy, Kiehl’s, Antipodes and Clinique (all of which I have tried and tested before).

I recommend buying Avène from Chemist Warehouse as they always have discounts on Avène products. Usually I purchase online and my package arrives within 2-3 days. It’s excellent. I also recommend purchasing from Life Pharmacy, as they often do a 3 for 2 deal or % off on their Avène products. You can also try out testers in store at Life Pharmacy.

I definitely recommend trying out their skin diagnosis tool online for yourself and taking a look at the details of the regime that is tailored and recommended for your skin.

Any questions let me know! Have you tried any Avène products? Do you have sensitive skin and products you swear by?

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