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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I do the workouts from home?

Absolutely, that's what they're designed for! If you have enough room to roll out a yoga mat, you can do these workouts.

Q: Are the workouts low-impact?

glowFIT is perfect for those needing a low-impact workout option. You'll find the workouts to be 100% low impact or incredibly easy to modify.

Q: How long is each workout?

All glowFIT workouts are 45 minutes.

Q: Is nutrition included?

Nutrition is not included with the basicFIT subscription. The other two premium plans include ALL of my nutrition ebooks, including the cleanse!

Q: How do I know what workout to do each day?

I take care of that for you! New workouts are released every two weeks, complete with program calendars telling you exactly what workout to do. I go the extra mile in my program design, making sure each day builds upon the previous + balances the next.

Q: When will I see results?

You get what you put in! Most clients feel a shift in their body within 14 days of glowFIT workouts and nutrition.

Q: Are the videos full length or demos?

Full length, follow along style. I'm right there with you in my living room, coaching you + pushing you along. You'll also find a technique tutorial video for most workouts, perfect for beginners or those wanting to improve their form.

Q: Why are certain plans on a waiting list?

For the Glow is a boutique, online operation where the focus is on quality of service and customized programming. In order to give the best attention to each member, I cap enrollment from time to time. The basicFIT option will always remain open, and it's a great starting point!