Let the workout come to you.


Maybe you're not in Seattle. Maybe you're not into workouts that start before sunrise. (We feel you night owls.) When you can't make it into our Seattle studio, let the workout come to you on ForTheGlow.com.

With online membership you have 24/7, unlimited access to our entire workout library. Follow along with the weekly calendar Jenn creates for you, or stick to your favorites and create your own schedule. Press play on our full length classes filmed live in Seattle, or select from the trainer collection which allows you to train with Jenn one-on-one. Hour long workouts. 30 minute workouts. Super-crazy-day 10 minute workouts. We have you covered

Wondering about space requirements and expensive gear?  Our workouts are effective without the need for a football field or 17 gadgets that you will never use again. Most of our workouts require only a yoga mat, and our global client roster sweats with us everywhere! From spacious living rooms to teeny tiny hotel rooms in Europe -- you can always take your glow on-the-go.


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If Jane Fonda + the toughest drill sergeant ever planned a dance party, this would be it. HIIT combines athletic conditioning, plyometrics, old school aerobics, and bootcamp moves for a calorie-scorching and fat-blasting workout. With our signature post-workout nutrition strategies, this 60-minute workout will keep your metabolism revved for 1-2 days after the class ends. Get ready to glow!

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MAGIC happens on the mat in glowFIT. glowFIT fuses dance, primal movement, power vinyasa and plyometrics to spark a dramatic shift in aesthetics and athletic performance. This metabolic workout is designed to defy gravity, eliminate trouble zones and sculpt lean muscle — all while grooving to the best playlists in town. You’ll leave every session with improved posture, increased energy and ready to take on the world.

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Looking for a serious power hour? Press play on a fusion workout, where we combine the best of our glowFIT + HIIT worlds. In this workout you’re reminded that being uncomfortable is a good thing. When we feel the burn, when we feel our muscles shake, when we feel fatigue challenging us — we are literally feeling change happen in the body. This class will skyrocket you out of your comfort zone + into a serious transformation..

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