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on healing + transformations.

Preface: I love both bodies. I don't really get swept up in the pressure that comes with the fitness industry to look a certain way, or to constantly show a six pack in order to prove my worth + the success of my programs. However, I take great responsibility in making sure that what I

RECIPE: Superfood Cacao Brownies

Brownies need no introduction. Let's get to it. RECIPE 1/2 cup raw cacao powder 1/2 cup coconut oil 2-3 eggs at room temp (3 will make it more cake-like) 1/2 cup honey or maple syrup 1/2 cup almond flour 1 teaspoon vanilla extract --> optional (but ohhhh-so-recommended) topping ingredients: chopped hazelnuts, dried rose petals, fresh

Evening Snacks to Boost Mood, Metabolism + Muscle Recovery

You're 8 episodes deep into your favorite Netflix series and *growl* hear your stomach signal for a little somethin' somethin'. What's a girl to do when the late night munchies hit? Ignore them? Nah. As long as you keep your snack habits in check (overeating will disrupt digestion and lead to restless sleep) you can

DIY Body Oil for Cellulite + Smooth Skin

I've come to embrace the skin I'm in (dimples and all), but definitely feel most confident when my skin is soft + smooth. When writing the 21-day Detox I paid special attention to what I was putting on my skin, saying buh-bye to chemical products that could potentially throw off hormones + hinder results. If

The Perfect Workout Schedule

Spin. Strength training. Pilates. Barre. Yoga. With all the class choices +  methods out there, it can be tough to choose a variety that not only you love, but that also bring you results. To create the perfect workout schedule you could keep it #BASIC and stick to templates that feature a balance of strength

Recipe / Cacao POW Smoothie

I would never come between a gal and her coffee, but sometimes our body needs a better way to reboot. The Cacao POW Smoothie still provides an energizing lift, without over-stimulating the central nervous system. Meaning -- you feel awake, clear + creative, without the jitters or caffeine crash. It should be noted that cacao

SEATTLE / Flow to Rhythm Nation on Feb 11th

We're baaaaack in action! Join us for our first class in Seattle on February 11th, with a special focus on sisterhood (oh, and SWEAT). For this special class we're flowing to Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation album from start to finish. We love this album for the attention given to the state of the world, the lyrical

Get Dusted, Get Glowing

Low energy, foggy brain, inability to focus, wimpy workouts + weight gain. That was me back in September, all due to significant stress. After a trip to my doctor I was given the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue, which launched me into a great search for solutions. My search for solutions placed me in front of

Movies + TED Talks to BOOST Girl Power

Infuse your Netflix + Chill night with a dose of girl power. I know that chick flicks usually refer to rom-coms, but can we change that already? My favorite chick flicks inspire, empower, spark conversation + make me proud to be a woman on the rise. Ted Talks Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability Courtney

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